Who We Are

Opportunity Matters to Everyone (OME, OM2E, and OM2E1) was founded in 2015 in Costa Mesa, CA after experiencing the need for an inclusive environment where children and young adults with developmental disabilities could participate in enriching activities.

OME creates and hosts free to very low cost, meaningful activities dedicated to providing children and young adults with disabilities, the opportunity to participate in fun activities, all while learning necessary life skills. Our programs build friendships, confidence, independence and even hands-on work training experiences for participants transitioning to adulthood. 

Our nurturing environment allows participants to simply be involved in programs that they might not otherwise be able to experience because of their disability. OME gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy events such as summer camps, movie nights, seasonal celebrations, job-skill development and support groups. 

While OME began as an organization geared toward benefiting children with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, behavior problems, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, we now strive to provide opportunities for children and young adults with various developmental abilities and their families. 

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Opportunity Matters to Everyone is devoted to providing meaningful, learning opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  



We envision year-round activities and opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to continue to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where individuals with developmental disabilities can participate in fun activities, learn new hobbies, make new friendships, gain skills toward independence and employment, and be proud of themselves. We look towards supporting participants throughout childhood and adulthood. 


We are Opportunity
Matters to Everyone.

Welcome to OME!

As a professional with over 15 years of experience working within the autism community, I became aware of the need for a fun and safe environment where kids could be empowered to shine, regardless of their disability. There were many requests from parents who wished to give their children the same opportunity to participate in activities such as camps, dances, and other social activities.

I fully understand the parents' barriers, so I strived to create an inclusive place for them to enjoy new life experiences, just like any other child. I envisioned a community where
no matter who you are, you would be celebrated for your individuality and encouraged to grow beyond your potential. OME stemmed from this vision and in 2015, we hosted
our first event ever and we continued to grow from there.

From summer camps to job-skill development programs, OME's nurturing environment allows kids to participate in specific programs that they might otherwise be able to
experience because of their disability. With the help of our passionate volunteers and donors, we can enable everyone to enjoy camps, movie nights, seasonal celebrations,
dances, and much more.

I'm truly excited to welcome you into the OME family and take part in our mission to offer not only fun and enriching opportunities, but life-changing experiences surrounded by your biggest cheerleaders in our community.


Asha Desai Bhakta
Opportunity Matters to Everyone, Founder

Savera Bhakta

Event Coordinator & OME Ambassador

Savera enjoys working with OME because she loves being able to put these events together and seeing all the excitement on the kids’ faces. One of her favorite memories would be the Cooking Class because the kids got to learn how to make their own quesadillas, salsa, and guacamole. Outside of OME, Savera enjoys playing volleyball, cooking, baking, and doing lots of art. 

Danielle Elemento

Program Director

Danielle enjoys working with OME because she believes in the importance of providing fun, safe, and enriching events and activities for children and young adults with disabilities. Her favorite OME memory is the Mother’s Day Special because of how much joy it brought her seeing them excitedly engage with one another and create awesome gifts for their loved ones. Outside of OME, Danielle likes watching movies and hanging out with friends and family. 

Taylor Farrell

Volunteer Coordinator

Taylor has almost 10 years of experience working with kids and teens, and she loves working alongside them and seeing them grow. She chose to work with OME because she appreciates its mission, and she has a true passion for providing meaningful experiences and opportunities for all. When she’s not at school or working, you can find her at the beach, surfing, running, hiking, roller skating, long boarding, or just spending time outdoors.